Smart Tech 3d Printing

About Us

Smart Tech 3D Printing is a rapid prototyping company that offers 3D Printing Services. We are a family owned and operated business. We print 3D models and rapid prototypes from our facility located in the greater Seattle area.
We print 3D models with our own engineered high preform Machines. We have multiple machines available with single and dual extruders for quality prints. Our machines are capable of building large parts. Our maximum build area is 40”x40”x18” for single formats. Larger parts than our available building area will be printed in portions and glued together. Smart Tech 3dp Machines create prototypes with exquisite detail using durable thermoplastics such as ABS, PLA and Nylon. Any item that is designed on CAD software can be reproduced and printed in our facility. All we need is an STL file version of the CAD file.
The file can be emailed to us for a quote and if needed, we can modify the file on-site for an accurate build of your project. No job is too small, so there is no minimum order. We specialize in time-sensitive projects that need quick turnaround time, and we can ship a finished order to anywhere in the continental United States.